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FRA vergaderingen 2008

Geplaatst: vr apr 11, 2008 7:24 pm
door leo-rcc
FRA Andy Kane schreef:Report to be added to our minutes file and entitled 18th minutes and carried out be email

A change of robot voltage from 36 volt to 48 volt will not be proceeded with. Robot voltage remains at a maximum allowed of 36 volt RMS.

Double link (new rule to be inserted into build rules)

6.3.2. The link must be positioned in a visible part of the robot's bodywork, fitted away from any operating weaponry or drive, and this position must be clearly marked.

In addition, all robots in the heavyweight class that are capable of being driven 'inverted', having a removable link fitted that is only accessible when the robot is the 'right way up', must have a duplicate link fitted in the opposing panel, so as to allow the robot to be disarmed when inverted.

A123 wording for temporary use to be announced on our forum.

Use of A123 cells are permitted providing that roboteers do so at the scrutiny of FRA event organisers.

Suitable charging equipment must be used and packs must be built to a safe standard.

Trials of the technology are still ongoing and while limited testing has shown favourable results the FRA advises, that this technology is used with caution particularly due to the charging requirements and energy density within this product.

Heavy weight, maximum weight limits. New weight conditions apply as of 1/01/2009.

This does not exclude pneumatic robots from events that weigh more than 100KG unless an event organizer conducts a weigh in after 1/01/2009


For heavyweights, total weight is measured with consumables.

Maximum weight does not include safety bars, straps, guards or similar equipment used to immobilise moving arms/weapons.

Total weight also does not include such safety devices as the “safety tether” required while running in some arena types.

48V is van de baan, 36V RMS is nog steeds het maximum (ben ik blij mee)

LiFePo4 ook voor heavies nu toegelaten, maar wel even aan de evenement organisator laten zien dat je ze hebt en er de juiste spullen voor hebt.

Vanaf 1 januari 2009 all heavies 100kg maximaal inclusief gas.

Dubbelzijdig rijdende heavies die hun link maar aan 1 kant kunnen benaderen moeten deze aanpassen dat deze van beide zijden bereikbaar word of een tweede link plaatsen.