Ewe 2 te koop in Engeland.

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Ewe 2 te koop in Engeland.

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Ian Lockhart heeft EWE 2 te koop gezet.

Ewe 2 is een goede FP flipper, en met alle extra's die er bij geleverd worden kan je met wat metaal rechtbeuken behoorlijk competatief meedoen.
Ian Lockhart schreef: Here is a chance to buy a fully working, fairly competetive robot. With a bit of work here and there (sort the front out so it can get under bots like it used to), you will have a robot back to its No1 seeding from the Winter tour of 2004.

I have detailed below what is for sale and the original cost of the bits.


Bosch motors,2,90,180
Sky Sports 6,1,120,120
Drive system chains etc,2,150,300
Full Pressure flipper,1,70,70
Titanium bodywork,1,200,200
Weapon switch,1,25,25
Gyro,1,50 50
Nicad packs 24V ,3,110,330

Propeak chargers,3,70,210
40A PSU,1,100,100

Hydraulic trolley 150Kg,1,180,180

Total £2,390

I would prefer to sell EWE2 as a working machine and hopefully someone will enter it into this years Big Event in August. It would be nice to see a new team having a go and joining the world of the heavyweights.

If anyone is interested please mail me ian.lockhart1@btinternet.com.

If the person who gets it has half as much fun as I have had over the years, then you are in for a good time.


Leo van Miert
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